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University Model Schools International Conference

Posted by Cameron Shaw on

I love the model of the University-Model school.  The vision is to use the educational tasks to develop and enhance the discipleship role of  the parent.  The UMS mission is that parents and their kids should and can have strong relationships and that the parent has the responsibility for the student's education.  The school's role is to facilitate that relationship by creating high quality instruction and clear supporting materials for the parents and their kids for their home work day.  Parents train their children in persistence, excellence, patience, and kindness.  Parents join the journey of relearning alongside their kids about the amazing stories of history, discoveries of science, impactful literature and creativity of art and music that the school  brings.  

This week I will present workshops on teaching composition, reading, socratic discussion and math strategies.  

This coming week, I will be presenting several workshops and lectures at the UMSI conference.  I hope you will consider these schools as options on your educational journey with your child.  

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