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Professor B Mathematics

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If you lack confidence and struggle with teaching mathematics...

Hi! I’m Mollie Shaw. It is my passion to equip teachers and parents with brain-based learning strategies. I would love to connect with you, to enhance your student’s performance, whether they’re a struggling learner or not.

3 Keys to Transforming Math: From Meaningless to Mastered!

3 strategies you can start using in your homeschool TOMORROW to immediately see a difference in how your kids process their mental math.


No rote memorization

Professor B methodology does not rely on strict memorization - only meaningful strategies! Kids see the mathematical concepts strongly connected from one to the next, as they develop new skills.

Based on neuroscience

The research shows kids find math easier and easier to learn as their brain gets stronger! Professor B focuses on stimulating and developing the parts of the brain needed to learn math: the parietal and prefrontal lobes of the brain.

Power of Story

Compelling language creates context and meaning. Professor B uses the power of story to connect meaning and develop a student’s ability to verbally explain connections and relationships between math skills.

The “A-Ha” Moment Behind Why Math Skills Work

Built-in teacher training

Scripted, word-for-word ways to teach math... even if you weren't a good math student yourself, feel unprepared, and lack confidence.

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“They come into class ready to learn and it’s just a joy to watch children enjoying math.”

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What does success look like to you?

“The results were astonishingly good..”

It was claimed that fifth and sixth graders took the ninth grade algebra regents exams and scored, on average, twelve points higher than the ninth graders. Surely, it was a fraud! I began looking at the data and found that it was TRUE. I was stunned.

Mark Stoltzberg,
Educational Psychologist

“Professor B was so instrumental in my learning in my own education as a mathematics teacher.”

I saw him at a National Council for Teachers of Mathematics conference in New Orleans in 2004. My brain exploded so much during that session and I literally could not sleep that night. I was one who did well in math. I was the student who did what the teacher said and could make the A on the tests and I could do the procedures. But, even as a math educator, THE WHY WAS NOT THERE for me, (in many instances). He talked about the contextual learner and using stories to help students make connections and build meaning, rather than learning by rote memorization, such as with math facts. [Dr. Barrett] unlocked something for me and I just hope for more people to experience what I experienced.

Johnette Roberts Ballard,
Certified Elementary Mathematics Specialist
NBCT- Early Adolescence Mathematics
Teach 4 L.I.F.E. Enterprise, LLC

This system has worked for thousands of people, from all backgrounds teaching math… and it will work for you, too!

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A Message of Hope from Mollie Shaw

"I think this might be the answer. Not just for my kids, but for me."

Jamaica Story

Commissioned by UNESCO, Professor B Transforms Caribbean Teacher Training


Rescue your children from fear and failure in mathematics, build your confidence as a teacher, and have FUN in the process.

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What is Trinity Harbor Education?

Our Mission:

Trinity Harbor Education exists to equip parents and teachers with brain-based strategies for teaching children of all achievement levels. Our training and products will not only improve your students' achievement but it will increase their CAPACITY for learning. We use some of the latest research in the neuroscience of learning to implement therapeutic techniques for building brain-power! Let us show you what we do!

Teacher & Parent Training

We provide virtual and live workshops and trainings for teachers and parents for brain-based strategies to help all low, average, and gifted students. Topics include classical composition, elementary mathematics, struggling readers, and developing executive functions.

Professor B

We produce Professor B books, workbooks, Powerpoints, and training videos carrying on the inspiring and powerful legacy of Professor Everard Barrett. This unique curriculum changes lives.