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Get all your homeschooling and Professor B questions answered!

What we do:

Interventional Tutoring

We help students get caught up, and quickly! Our tutors use customized strategies to build and reinforce basic skills in reading, math and writing for the student. We are focused on the overall success of each student emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually not just academically.

Professor B

We now produce Professor B books, workbooks, CDs, and training DVDs carrying on the inspiring and powerful legacy of Professor Everard Barrett. This unique curriculum changes lives.

Our Mission:

Trinity Harbor Education exists to equip parents and teachers with brain-based strategies for teaching children of all achievement levels. Our training and products will not only improve your students' achievement but it will increase their CAPACITY for learning. We use some of the latest research in the neuroscience of learning to implement therapeutic techniques for building brain-power! Let us show you what we do!