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I am writing to highly recommend Mollie Shaw as a educational therapist. I am a parent of a son with learning disabilities and other special needs. I have been educating my son at home for the past three years. I have struggled to teach my son math and have tried many different curriculums (Math U See, Touch Math, etc.). I was, also struggling to develop lesson plans in all core subjects. Upon meeting Mollie, it became clear that she could help me in these areas. She helped me select an American History series that was appropriate for my son and helped me develop a schedule and lesson plans. She made excellent recommendation for literature and spelling. She taught me the tools and modeled how to teach the lessons. I would leave each session knowing exactly how to implement the curriculum. Best of all, she is able to teach my son in a way that he can learn. She quickly figured out how he learned. She knows when he needs to spend more time in a given area and when he is ready to move on. She knows when she needs to try a different approach to teach a concept. She keeps him engaged and is always positive, kind and encouraging. For the first time in his life, my son is thriving in math and is enjoying other subjects. I am much more equipped to teach my son, and to provide and implement appropriate and stimulating materials. Mollie has a beautiful combination of professionalism and warmth. We are very blessed to have her as part of our team. Patty Bradley
Learning is a dynamic, interactive process.


For many, it is plain hard work and frustration. When the tools for learning are not readily accessible, both students and teachers can become discouraged. Can effective tools be provided?  As an educational therapist, I believe that the answer is YES!

My name is Mollie Shaw.  I am a professional educational therapist looking to offer hope to struggling learners in the sFort Worth area. Educational services include: One-on-one Educational Therapy, Discovery Rx Groups for Reading and Math, and traditional OSubject Tutoring. Our therapists are trained by the National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) and our subject tutors are trained in advanced tutoring techniques for specific subject areas. 
If you are curious about what is an educational therapist,  check out NILD.org for more information.