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About us

Mollie Shaw

Owner and Founder


Vision: To provide learning support and educational therapy for private, home and public-school students in the Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex.  To equip teachers and parents with brain-based learning strategies. To promote the National Institute of Learning Development ( in the North Texas Area.

Education:    M.Ed ESE - Educational Therapy, Southeastern University, 2017.

B.S. Education, Secondary Language Arts, Texas A&M University, 1984.


IDA certification 2017

Professional Certification Educational Therapist (NILD-PCET), 2017

ESL certification, 2015

Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate, 2005.

Elementary Certification, University of Texas, 1986.

Texas Teacher Certificate, 1984

Background: Mollie Shaw, a professional educational therapist, is a native Texan who graduated from Texas A&M University and taught public school before staying home with her six children.  She home educated her six children for 14 years, including two with specific learning disabilities.  She served the home schooling community by organizing co-ops, teacher training opportunities and leading in testing and tutoring opportunities that came along.  She worked at college-preparatory university model school in Fort Worth for five years and served as the English Department head during that time.   She began her own tutoring business in 2013 and completed her professional educational therapy certification in July 2017.

Mollie has written classical curriculum and served as curriculum adviser for several Christian schools. Her strength is in English Language Arts and in composition instruction.  However, she has taught all subject areas and grade levels.  She has experienced success using the therapeutic interventions learned through NILD and believes that children with learning differences can not only succeed but can often overcome their disabilities through stimulation of the brain using brain-based techniques to develop new neurological pathways to bridge and rebuild missing functional structures. Dr. Reuen Feuerstein calls this Cognitive Structural Modifiability. This is exciting research, and the joy of seeing struggling students become fluent, efficient learners is the goal of educational therapy.

Mollie currently lives in Joshua, Texas and works in the greater Fort Worth area.