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Professor B - Power Algebra

Many of you who read this have already used our unique approach to the teaching of arithmetic. Consequently, many of you have practical knowledge concerning the awesome acceleration in children's learning of math when they experience it as connected and flowing. You know the vital necessity of truth-telling to facilitate this experience that so effectively and efficiently builds their self-esteem as learners of mathematics.

Our accelerated pace of learning arithmetic enabled many home-schooled children to complete seventh/eighth grade arithmetic as early as fourth/fifth grade (if not before) and you have been contacting us with the urgent question: What must we do now? We have recommended the following:

  1. Expose your children, on a regular basis, to a wide variety of problem solving and application exercises; and
  2. Teach them algebra.

Please note, however, that the algebra we propose must also be experienced by your children as connected and flowing. Unfortunately, what has been true regarding the traditional teaching of arithmetic is similarly true regarding algebra: it has been presented (and experienced) as disconnected and fragmented. Professional teachers of math know the meaningful connections children can experience as they flow, for example, from powers, to roots (radicals), to rational exponents and then to logarithms. However, in the wisdom of traditional math education, powers and roots are taught to ninth graders, whereas rational exponents and logarithms are taught to eleventh graders. This will not happen here. In fact, parents and teachers, our reconstruction of the algebra curriculum will so carefully verbalize the connections, that your children will be able to master pre-algebra plus the algebra components of traditional Algebra I and Algebra II in a single course of study. We recommend that the analytical geometry and trigonometry components of traditional Algebra I and Algebra II be taught subsequently as a single course. This permits learners to quickly and efficiently cut through to the more demanding levels of higher algebra as they experience the internal contextual connections of its content.

Many home schooling parents have informed us concerning their difficulty in teaching algebra by means of traditional texts and materials. We are confident, however, that our program will enable as many adults to discover their potential as master teachers of algebra, as have discovered that potential for arithmetic by means of our texts, Mathematics Power Learning for Children.

The objectives of this algebra program are as follows:
  1. Empower parents for mastery teaching of their children.
  2. Empower teachers for mastery teaching of their classes.
  3. Children experience algebra as connected and flowing.
  4. Children master pre-algebra plus the algebra components of Algebra I and Algebra II in two to three years.
  5. Virtually all children discover their potential as accelerated learners of algebra.
  6. Empower children to be master teachers of algebra to other children.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of students attending the public schools of this nation either do not qualify to take Algebra I or, if qualified, they fail it. Consequently, the odds are very high that this will happen to your own child. Are you destined to stand helplessly by and watch this predictable calamity devastate your child's academic and professional options? Please be aware that algebra is often referred to as the doorway to college.

This book will enable most parents, even if they were poor math students, to by-pass the calamity and rescue their children. Professor B Algebra is carefully written to permit you to perceive and verbalize the connections and flow within algebra. Yes, in spite of your insecurity regarding mathematics, this book can empower you to become a master teacher of algebra for your child's sake.

Everard Barrett, 2003