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Math Woes?

Posted by Cameron Shaw on

Teachers and home school parents often struggle to find the math program that works best with all of their students.  I absolutely love Professor B math because it is an inexpensive program that is developmentally in line with brain research and best practices. 

Why do I say that?  Professor B Math works with all of the students' senses and builds meaningful conceptual understanding at the same time that the student becomes fluent and proficient at calculations and problem types.  The student learns that each new math skill grows out of the previous one and that are more than one strategy that they can use to solve problems.  The students think in terms of tens, estimation and place value rather than in terms of sequential steps for each kind of problem. 

The program is unique also because it serves students who are ready to fly more quickly through math as well as students that are slower learners.  The interactive nature of the instruction correlates to the research which reveals that oral rehearsal and paraphrasing build memory, meaning and recall.  The students learn math skills in the same way that they learn stories, as one scene builds meaningfully upon the next, one skill grows meaningfully out of the previous one.  Addition and subtraction are taught together as connected skills. 

This program has minimal writing in the workbooks and the teacher determines the pace.  I found that this program made the difference in my home school for many years and today I use it in tutoring and math pull-out programs as the core piece that students need to learn even if they are also completing an additional program in their regular classroom.  

I hope you will consider Professor  B Math. for more information.

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