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Level 1 Bundle (K-2)

Professor B

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Contains Mathematics Power Learning Book 1 (K-2), Mathematics Power Learning Workbook 1, and Power Learning Chartbook.  The Answer Key to Workbook One is included free as a digital download with this purchase.

Textbook Level One Table of Content


Mathematics Power Learning for Children Level One consists of three components:

1. Textbook
The textbook for use by the instructor has 159 pages. It contain clear, easy to follow instructions for presenting every lesson and concept. No teacher preparation is needed other than to glance over the lesson before you start. Even older children can teach younger children using this text.

2. Workbook
The workbook offers many unique practice exercises that make it possible for children to achieve the mastery which represents readiness for the next level. The 141-page workbook for Level 1 contains no endless pages of the same question. Purchase one workbook of each level per child. They are NOT reproducible.

3. Charts Book
The charts book contains detailed instructions for speed practice, very quickly learning to count from one to one hundred and beyond; doubling numbers mentally; acquiring strong skills in column addition; and maintaining mastery of the multiplication facts. It is required and is indispensable for teaching curriculum.

Scope and Sequence of Book 1

Covers: original number sense activities and approaches to addition/subtraction facts, reading very large numbers, addition/subtraction with very large numbers using place value and column addition.

• Understanding "one" through "ten"
• Learning to count from 1-10
• Counting by 2's, 3's and 4's
• Counting to 100 and beyond
• Vocabulary and symbolism of Numeration
• Place value
• Place Value relationships
• More, Less, Equal
• Comparing whole numbers
• Equivalent numerals
• Addition Facts (on the fingers)
• Linking Addition and Subtraction
• Subtraction facts (on the fingers)
• Adding and Subtracting with Zero
• Sums and differences involving more than two numbers
• Lower Addition and Subtraction Facts using the chart games
• Adding two large numbers (without regrouping
• Subtracting one large whole number from another (without exchanging)
• Ten-Plus addition facts
• Mastering the Higher Addition Facts without Memorization
• Adding any two whole numbers (with regrouping)
• Mastering the higher subtraction facts with exchanging without memorization
• Subtracting one whole number from another (with exchanging)
• Using addition and subtraction to solve word problems
• Finding the missing number
• Mental addition and column addition

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