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Power Algebra Book 2

Power Algebra Book 2

Professor B

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This book can empower you to become a master teacher of algebra for your students. It is carefully scripted  to permit you to accurately verbalize the connections and flow within algebra to your student.  

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Professor B methodology carefully nurtures children's perception of connection and flow in arithmetic so they experience enjoyment and mastery of math content. To nurture learners' perception of connection and flow, Professor B Algebra integrates Pre-algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II into a single, ungraded curriculum. Each concept is covered thoroughly, with clarity.

The objective of the three Professor B Algebra books is to make it possible for the vast majority of teachers and parents to competently (and rather comfortably) insure their learners' total mastery of elementary and intermediate algebra. You mothers and fathers who never dared to consider it possible to comfortably teach your children algebra, will now be most pleasantly surprised with your ability to mathematically empower them! These textbooks have been carefully written so that the vast majority of adults, regardless of their math backgrounds, can read them and derive all the algebraic meanings we intend. We make the connections crystal clear. Each textbook contains the answers.

Three books cover high school algebra and can usually be completed in 2 - 3 years, even by children as young as 9 who have completed Prof. B Level 3.

The textbooks can be used as a textbook and student writes answers in a notebook, or can be used as a consumable workbook. (Paperback, 400+ pages each)

Table of Contents - Power Algebra Book II

  1. Addition and Subtraction with Rational Expressions
  2. Solving Equations and Inequalities – Part I
  3. Solving Equations and Inequalities – Part II
  4. Solving Number and Consecutive Number Problems
  5. Understanding Ratio and Solving Ratio Problems
  6. Solving Motion Problems
  7. Solving Coin Problems
  8. Solving Age Problems
  9. Solving Digit Problems
  10. Solving Mixture Problems
  11. Solving Investment Problems
  12. Solving Perimeter, Area and Volume Problems
  13. Solving Work Problems
  14. Solving Inequality Problems

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