Help Me Decide: Books vs CDs?

The original product was the softcover books, Levels one, two and three with their accompanying workbooks.  This product is very popular and is scripted for the teacher, literally writing out every word and illustrating every example to use with the student.  Although the book doesn't require teacher preparation, it is helpful to read through each lesson prior to presentation for familiarity.  

 Level One (Grades K - 2), Level Two (Grades 3 - 5), and Level Three (Grade 6 - 8) are available in two versions:  softcover textbook or CD. Each of these products comes with an accompanying workbook. 

There are also three Algebra worktexts. These texts include the practice problems in the body of the text. The Algebra products are only available in paperback or digital downloads.

The CD version is almost the same as that of the softcover book, covering about 80% of the original content.  There are fewer workbook exercises in the CD accompanying workbooks (#63 in Level One compared to #104 in the workbook with the softcover text Level One book)

Level One in both the book and CD versions cover the same scope of skills including Numbers, Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Word Problems and Introduction to Fractions.

Level Two in both the book and CD versions cover the Multiplication Facts, Division with and without remainders, Factors and Multiples, Prime Factorization, Least Common Multiple and Highest Common Factor, Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions.  In only the CD Level Two  workbook, decimals and converting units of measure are also introduced.  

Level Three in both the book and CD versions cover Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Decimals, Place Value and the Metric System, Converting Decimals to Fractions to Percents.