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Professor B Reviews & Testimonials

My daughter was 4 at the time and I read through the first chapter. It showed a method of teaching with fingers as manipulatives. I still wasn't thinking of it as a math curriculum but some interesting math tricks. So I did lesson one with my daughter (age 4) when waiting in line at the grocery store and during errands and thought not much more of it.. till I got upset one day. I had started with a 10 dollar bill and lost some money somewhere. I verbally went through my day... saying how I had spent 5 dollars at one place and 1 here, three there... My 4yo was listening and piped up "Mommy, that means you should have 2 dollars left! Can I have one?" It was then I realized these 'math tricks' had taught my daughter more in a few minutes waiting in line than I ever imagined they could. We love the curriculum and use it as our main Math program. It just makes sense, rather than being a struggle to learn math. 




"Actually, I am a fifth grade math teacher in the great state of Georgia. In our school, we were experiencing some math challenges in our school. We instituted the Professor B methodology of instructing mathematics (Using levels 1 and 2...for K-5) and our results were amazing! In one year, we were able to increase our math scores by an amazing 24%! Particularly, in fifth grade, we experienced a 65% increase in our scores and were able to get over 44% of our students to exceed the state standard on the mathematics exam! This is truly and amazing product. 

I loved both books (Levels 1 and 2). The manner in which the information is presented and the advanced pace of instruction allows students to master a barrage of skills...some that are not even covered in the students particular grade. At the end of the day, students have a solid number-sense and their computational abilities begin to become more and more engrained in their critical thinking. If you are home-schooling or actually in the classroom, this product is a must for elementary math students." 

Stephen G. Davis