Who we are looking for:

Are you someone who would like to begin to change the lives of students who need learning support? Trinity Harbor Education is hiring subject tutors and therapists in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We are looking for hard working, committed individuals who would be interested in one or both of the following job descriptions:

1. Subject Tutors/Homework Help:

These individuals will assist students who are needing homework support, concept understanding, and subject specific assistance. This may look like a third grader who is struggling with math or a fifth grader who needs help preparing for a history test. This position will require little to no training on a case by case situation. 

2. PRO Tutor (path to therapeutic tutoring):

These individuals have specific interest in growing in their educational skill sets, knowledge, and ability to help students in areas such working memory, auditory perception and discrimination, visual memory and discrimination, visual-motor integration and a number of cognitive skills. These techniques are derived from classical education and educational therapist techniques. These individuals would go through additional training and have the opportunity to complete certification courses. 

If YOU are Trinity Harbor Education's next team member, please contact us or find us on Indeed! We look forward to meeting you!